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Bottom line

  • A breakthrough in Irrigation Technology.
  • Unmatched Cleaning & Disinfection Effectiveness for root canals, instrumented by Ni-Ti rotary files.
  • Proven in Clinical Studies.

Purpose of use

  • Achieves 95 to 100% disinfection and debris removal from all canal regions before filling.
  • Clearing the remaining debris (of about 40%) that is left in the irregular sections, after preparing a canal by various systems and type of Ni-Ti files.

Key Benefits

Proven in clinical studies: Tornado is superior to any alternative on the market

Purpose of use

  • The super-flexible GF Red “Irregular” file follows the root canals’ natural curvature, conforming to all irregularitiess.
  • Activates the NaOCl throughout the entire length of the canals, for efficient cleaning and shaping
  • The GF Finisher Brush’s fine strands use its centrifugal effect to scrub and smooth the canal walls.
  • The entire disinfection procedure takes less than a minute per canal.
  • The Tornado reaches the entire length of the root canal, it destroys any remnants of biofilm on its walls.

Main Features

The Tornado Disinfection kit includes:

  • Cordless, light, handpiece with charger
  • Box of 10’s single use Gentlefile GF Red “Irregular”: Size 23, Length 25 mm
  • Box of 10’s single use Gentlefile GF Finisher Brush
  • 3 Disposable heads


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