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Bottom line

  • An Ultra-flexible endodontic file for shaping irregular canal walls.
  • Proven in Clinical Studies.

Purpose of use

Clearing the remaining debris (of about 40%) that left in the irregular section after preparing a canal by round Ni-Ti files

Key Benefits

  • A safe rotary file, even in complex cases, for all dental practitioners
  • Super-flexible file adapts to all canal geometries
  • Light vertical force avoids micro-cracks
  • Higher resistance to file fracture than Ni-Ti rotary files.
  • Non-cutting lessens torsional fatigue
  • Produces dentin dust for easy removal
  • Prevents iatrogenic damages like ledging, perforations, and micro-crack formation
  • Taper 3% – 4% for Minimal Invasive Endodontics.

The Gentlefile GF Red’s Structure

Consists of 3 layers of stainless-steel wire. This structure combination creates – Unique flexibility throughout the whole instrument.

Effective dimensions

  • General flexible length- 25 mm
  • Max diameter 1.09 mm
  • Tip size 0.23
  • Effective working length of rough surface- 13 mm

Principle of operation

Filing the remnants of the debris from the Irregular sections by using centrifugal effect create by 6,500 rpm in the prepared canal space while follow the canal anatomy.


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