Gentlefile GF Finisher Brush – 50 items per pack


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Bottom line

  • An Innovative irrigation brush.
  • Thorough Cleaning & Disinfecting for the entire root canal.
  • Proven in Clinical Studies.

Purpose of use

  • Removing the remaining debris if left after Gentlefile GF Red.
  • Achieving effective cleaning and disinfection.

Key Benefits

  • When rotating at 6,500 rpm, the GF Finisher Brush opens up for thorough Cleaning & Disinfection.
  • Achieves Unparalleled Cleaning and Disinfection through Activation force, Turbulence force and Scrub effect.
  • Removing the smear-layers.
  • Disrupting the bacteria & biofilm.
  • Opening access to enable disinfectant of the tubuli.
  • Creating the aggressive activation and disinfectant effect by penetrate the lateral canals.

The Gentlefile GF Finisher’s Structure

Consists of a cable with 7 strands that are wrapped in the opposite direction of the rotation. the stainless-steel wires are wrapped on the cable to a 6 mm distance from the tip.

Effective dimensions

  • Active length: 25 mm
  • Total diameter: 0.75 mm
  • Exposed active cable length is 6 mm
  • Cable dia. = 0.25 mm
  • Taper= 0.0
  • The 7 flexible trends are 0.08 mm each

Principle of operation

The Gentlefile GF Finisher Brush is handpiece-powered at 6500 rpm clockwise. The 7 strands of the Gentlefile GF Finisher Brush are wrapped counterclockwise.  Thus, they open at the high rpm. Each of the 7 strands continually changes position in relation to the canal anatomy continuous up and down movement. The strands engage the dentinal walls even along the apical third.  As a result of the aggressive activation and scrubbing effect on the dentin wall the disinfectant destroys the bacteria and biofilm. Recommended use is 2-3 intervals of 5 – 10 sec. each.


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