VDC USA Intraoral Sensor


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Sensor Tested to 500,000+ Exposures. High-Strength, Durable Cable.
100,000+ cable bending tests and pull strength to withstand forces of up to 22 Ibs.

  • FDA Approved
  • Patented high-definition direct imaging technology
  • Stunning first-image resolution and contrast
  • Proven durability through lab and field-testing
  • Thin footprint design for comfort and accuracy
  • Quality backed by a 5-year replacement warranty


The VDC USA intraoral sensor uses silica-based chips instead of the traditional material, cesium iodide (CsI), avoiding image blurring and performance deterioration.

Photon-counting is an emerging technology in clinical CT that meets today’s demands for a cost-effective solution that meets stringent technical requirements. Xpectvision is the world’s first to apply this new technology to intraoral dental sensors. The result is unrivaled quality and consistency of image quality.

Direct-imaging eliminates the need for time consuming exposure enhancements. Quick and easy adjustments to contrast and brightness can be made to meet a range of clinical requirements.




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