Bhi Screw Removal Kit For Internal Hex Dental Implants


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Compatible With: Zimmer® MIS® A.B. Dental® Alpha-Bio Tec® Adin® BioHorizons® Implant Direct®


Bottom line

  • No More Loose Screws!
  • The Conical Head Will Lock Itself & Prevent Loosening

The Benefits of using Rosen Screws

  • No More Ti-Base – Ti-Base is not needed due to the geometry of the screw head, using Ti-Base has a potential of de-bonding and loosening of the prosthesis
  • Can Be Tourqe By Hand Only – YES! The head geometry will lock into the screw channel and will provide locking and prevent loosening of the screw, also the screw can be tourqe up to 20N with any material like Resin, PMMA, Graphite and Zirkonia
  • Cost Efficient – The Screw cost is competitive with all other conventional screws in the market
  • Simple & Reliable – The digital Libraries of the screw allows direct connection of the prosthesis to the MUA. A true screw retained prosthesis

More then 1000 customers and still kicking!

More then 1000 customers and still kicking!

  • Extraction of dental screw when screw head is damaged/stuck in the following cases:
    • Single Crown
    • Total prosthesis
    • Regular/angular abutments
    • T-Base
  • Extraction of dental screw shaft out of the implant after screw breakage.

The extraction patented Kit allows the release of a damaged/stuck or broken screw within few minutes with a simple and straight forward procedure, due to high efficient tools.

  • The head retriever drill performs two operations simultaneously: one, milling the screw head while rotating it and second, forcing it to unscrew and climb outside. The extraction ends within few minutes.
  • The conical drill penetrates the broken screw while Unscrewing it and removing it completely.

Packing List

  • 50 Rosen Screws


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